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Used for gum and soft tissue surgery, electrosurgery in Dallas, Texas, allows our dentists to perform more precise laceration and removal. Essentially, this technology includes the use of electrically generated heat energy, making it an effective tool in altering periodontal tissues.

Advantages of electrosurgery include:

  • The main tool, the electrosurgery electrode, may be bent and contoured to ensure easy smoothing of soft tissue, such as where gums are exposed because of missing teeth or palatal areas that have irregularities.
  • It also cuts tissue on the end tip and on the sides, making it useful for cutting deeply. It can also be shaped to make narrow and precise cuts.
  • Electrosurgery works very rapidly and when on the proper setting, hemostasis (the stop of blood flow) is almost immediate, making your procedure timelier and more comfortable. This also lessens any discomfort that a patient feels.

Because electrosurgery is so advantageous for soft tissue and gum surgery, Drs. Nhu Dang and Nghi Tran often use it when providing a gingivectomy, pulpotomy, frenectomy and more. If you have any questions about this technology at Bella Family Dental, please give us a call us at 972-290-0903! We look forward to hearing from you and will do all we can to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.


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