Gum Disease Treatment

Saving Your Smile from Gum Disease

While gum disease isn’t the most common dental health concern, it can be one of the more serious ones. For instance, the condition attacks and erodes the structures that support your teeth, making it the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Therefore, gum disease prevention and treatment is often a vital part of maintaining a healthy and vibrant smile. During your routine checkup and cleaning appointments, your dentist will carefully check for signs of early gum disease, or gingivitis, and recommend appropriate treatment to stop it from growing worse. For instance, your dentist may suggest deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, which involves carefully cleaning bacteria from underneath your gums.

How to Prevent It

The key behind gum disease development is the accumulation of oral bacteria along your gum line. Over time, these microbes can work their way underneath your gums to settle on the surfaces of your teeth roots. The harmful bacteria can irritate the tissues and cause your gums to separate from your teeth, as well as lead to inflammation and bleeding in the tissues (the most notable symptoms of gingivitis). Preventing gum disease requires preventing these bacteria from infecting your gums, which requires consistently good hygiene at home and regular preventive visits with your dentist.

Find Out if You Need Gum Disease Treatment

If you exhibit signs of gum disease, then seeking treatment as soon as possible is the best way to save your smile from the damages that it can cause, including tooth loss. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, call Bella Family Dental in Dallas, TX, today at 972-290-0903.